Hala Walla! If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. This has always been my motto.


I hail from the beautiful island of Bahrain, where everything that’s stunning catches my eye—music, art, visuals, words, and, of course, the sky. Picture this: growing up in a household bursting with musicians, calligraphers, Psychologists, and artists; I was practically programmed for the industry. No wonder my friend “Mohd” and I bagged the first prize at a film festival back in 2006. That’s when we decided to kickstart our very own enterprise, named “Unique.”


Fast forward to getting a degree in Broadcasting and TV from the University of Bahrain. I soaked up the art of storytelling, documentary production, and creative writing like a sponge. That’s when the unstoppable crew—Yusuf, Abdulrahman, Ebrahim, joined forces to create the one and only “24F.”, we’ve had the pleasure of working with over 500+ happy clients. And guess what? Our secret weapon? The powerhouse team that forms the backbone of our company.


So, now I like to think of myself as a Storyteller, Creative Director, and entrepreneur. Or you can just call me a hungry 31-year-old man on a quest for more tales to tell and be told.


I’ve collaborated with some pretty big names out there—MBC, Toyota, Bentley, Bloomberg—you name it.


I could tell you about my creative drive and high standards, but would you really care?
let’s cut to the chase, I know you want to form your own opinion. So, go ahead, and check out some of our work here. Ahmed bucheery.

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